Monday Jan 14 — BCHA Events Planning Meeting

The Boulder County Horse Association is looking forward to starting 2013 with a rejuvenated Board, new ideas and new activities! Please join us for some brainstorming, energizing, socializing, and refreshments. We need all of you in the horse community, and consider bringing a friend or two—the more the merrier!

When: Monday, January 14
Time: 7 – 9 PM
Location: Starlight Farm, 5735 Prospect Rd, Longmont, CO

7 PM Call to Order, Introductions: Suzanne Webel, Acting President
7:05 PM Secretary Report: Heidi Grimditch
7:10 PM  Treasurer’s Report: Suzanne Webel
7:15 PM Organization Reactivation, Board Nominations, Meeting schedule: All
7:45PM Annual Meeting & Trade Show: Jill Talbot
Date to be determined at Boulder County Fairgrounds, booth and admission pricing, logistics, publicity and seminars at the event, calling committee
8:15 PM Spring Gymkhana:  Jack Gathright (tentative date May 4 at  Boulder County Fairgrounds)
8:30 PM Fun Show (October 20): Sheila Ranegar
8:40 PM Trails: Suzanne Webel
8:50 PM Land Use Code Ag component: Suzanne Webel
8:55 PM Open Discussion
9:00 PM Adjourn

If you have any additions, deletions, suggestions, or “other” please let us know. Really and truly, folks — if everybody does just a little bit of the work, it won’t be overwhelming for anyone, and can be a lot of fun.

Suzanne Webel
Acting President, BCHA

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