Help Wanted!

Once again we are announcing a bunch of excellent openings for talented, dedicated BCHA volunteers. BCHA has several positions and projects that need YOU!

  • Newsletter Editor
  • Horse Services Directory (online and print), Chair and committee members
  • Trail Committee Chair
  • Ambassador/Liaison with Other Horse Groups
  • Board Member
  • Horse Lovers’ Fling Chair and committee members
  • Public Lands Appreciation Day Organizer
  • Membership Drive Coordinator
  • Liaison with Public Land Managers all over the County on equestrian issues

Is there a talented newsletter editor locked inside you just waiting to be asked? Are you a trail rider looking to give back something to the community for all the pleasure you and your horse have derived from Boulder’s trail system? Less outdoorsy but really up on internet technology? How about a committee chair position? A doer but not necessarily a leader? — then how about serving on a committee? Don’t know what you might like to do but want to contribute somehow?

For more information please contact Suzanne Webel at 303-485-2162 or send us a message.

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