Pilates and Riding—a perfect combination!

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to put these two together— Pilates and riding.100_4807
Boy was I getting stiff and inflexible (and older every day). I sit at a computer all day, like many of us and when it came time to ride and ask my horse to flex it was like trying to get a chopstick to bend!
I was lucky to find a Pliates-based trainer, Julie Leiken. We began with mat and reformer classes for me, it’s been almost 4 years now. Not only am I now straight and balanced, but I am also more flexible and have a strong core, which also has benefited my skiing and everyday life. I also have fewer aches and pains, and I can now isolate the body parts I need to communicate with my horse.

Additionally, I take riding lessons with Julie, she is extremely talented as a trainer, having spent many years in Germany. She has such a kind and gentle way of communicating what you and your horse need. Nico and I can now talk to each other correctly, and in a balanced way. Thanks Julie, your combination of pilates classes and riding lessons have been a godsend.

If you are interested in Pilates-based training organizing a clinic at your barn please contact Julie at Julieleiken.com

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