C.U. Science Discovery: Science of Horses

The University of Colorado, Boulder campus, C.U. Science Discovery is offering a five-class on the “Science of Horses.”  Developed by Faith Beveridge and Samantha McBride in 2012, the class is being offered once again this summer to students ranging in ages from 9-13. Participants travel to locations daily and should be prepared with sturdy footwear, long pants, lunch/snacks, and sun protection.

Horses were once the most essential animals in daily life; used for transportation, war, work, and leisure. This class explores the science of this fascinating animal, from anatomy to nutrition, veterinary medicine to evolutionary biology. Participants travel to a local horse facility to learn about conformation and physiology, meet a farrier who will teach participants about horses’ hooves, and visit Littleton Large Animal Hospital where they will experience, first-hand, the cutting edge of equine medicine. This interactive, hands-on class is for anyone passionate about these animals—whether you have never seen a horse before or have been riding all your life.

Last year local veterinarian Diane Wagner, DVM, a holistic equine veterinarian with a practice in Hudson, CO, offered to have students spend a day at her facility. She demonstrated on Nico (owned by Linda Parks) how she treats horses with acupuncture, chiropractic, and other complementary therapies that balance her conventional veterinary medical knowledge. Her clinic also has a real horse skeleton as well as bones and charts for educational purposes. Equine dentist, Sydney D. Burt, EquuSmiles, LLC also donated her services and balanced Nico’s teeth. All dentistry is done with hand tools only, using instruments that are specifically designed to be efficient and minimally invasive. Plus, farrier Rick Binger donated his services and taught the students all about shoeing (on Samantha McBride’s horse. Cosmo).

For more information on this class, visit tC.U. Science Discovery online at: http://sciencediscovery.colorado.edu/class/equine-science-1/

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