BCHA Horse Fair: A big thank you to all

The Boulder County Horse Association would like to thank all the amazing exhibitors, fantastic speakers, volunteers, members, the Fairgrounds, and all those who came to support horses and horse-related businesses in Boulder County and beyond! Please visit the BCHA Horse Fair page for information on how to contact all our great vendors!

Corporate Sponsor: The Highlander
BCHA would like to thank Anita Wilkes and The Highlander magazine for generously donating two months of ad space for the Horse Fair.

In-Kind Donations
CLIF Bar, ParksGroup-Boulder, Maggie & Olivia Brown…lotsa Girl Scout cookies for the Fair Staff!

Seminar Speakers
The Educational Seminars were amazing! Thank you  Jen Duffy, Sarah Metlock, and Sara Spensieri for donating your time and sharing your knowledge.

Volunteers — Thank you, without you this event would not have happened, your help was invaluable!

Mary Cook, Dave and Peg Fletcher, Steve Montgomery, Cathy Bender, Julie Matter, Laura Edwards and friends, Ellen and Olivia Seagraves, Freddi Zitter-Smith, Lee Buxton, 2013 BCHA Board members (Suzanne Webel, President, Heidi Grimditch, Linda Parks, Pat Holgate, Diana Thompson, Dirk Arnold, Jill Talbot and (a stalwart monthly friend, Lee Buxton), and the Fairgrounds employees.

A special thank you goes out to all the volunteers who offered endless personal hours to contact the vendors for the Fair: Mary Cook, Laura Edwards, Pat Holgate, Diana Thompson, Suzanne Webel, Julie Matter, Meg Daniels, and Jane Young.

Sheriff’s Mounted Patrol
Thank you so much. It was great to see some “horses on the clock” working the Fair.

Terry Snyder: Your mini’s and donkeys were soooo….adorable!
Animal Control and Miniatures horse.

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