It was a glorious day at Hermit Park

Andrea, Pat, Mary and I met in Lyons and trailered up to Hermit Park,

Mary and Spear

Mary and Spear

near Estes Park,

Colorado.  It was a picture perfect Colorado Day. After the rough descent off the main trail into the old two track up to Homestead Meadows we picked up a trot and climbed gradually to the access gate. Off to the spring we stopped to water the horses and then on around the Meadow and a nice climb up to the burn area. Springs were running and flowers just getting started. All-in-all a lovely ride. appaloosa, really!

Andrea….an appaloosa, really!

Horse Camping Area:
Yes…the horse pens are in but I wouldn’t put more than one horse in a pen. We did not get to go up to them but saw them from the road in. We spoke with the front desk person when we checked in to pay the $6 entrance fee to the Park. Apparently they had horse campers up there recently and they were a bit negligent. They put up a temporary grazing area and their dogs were running loose (all no, no’s). So please keep this in

Pat and Broom

Pat and Broom

mind if camping there. They are also working on a trail that will lead directly from camp and out to the entrance gate.

Have Hermit Park Horse Camp Feedback?S send it their way they want it!

Linda P

2 thoughts on “It was a glorious day at Hermit Park

  1. Linda, you do such a nice job with the BCHA Nicker! Thanks for taking the time and thanks for the wonderful ride yesterday!!


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