Budweiser Clydesdales in Northern Colorado this week

I am a big fan of the Clydesdales and enjoy going to see them here in Northern Colorado. They will be in Greeley and Ft Collins this weekend

06/12: One Horse Show- Drive Fort Collins, CO
06/13: Loveland Beer Deliveries- Drive Fort Collins, CO
06/14: Media Event- Drive Fort Collins, CO
06/15: Old Town Fort Collins- Drive Fort Collins, CO
06/16: Home Delivery- Drive Fort Collins, CO
06/22: Clydesdale Camera Day- Drive Fort Collins, CO


American Eagle Distributing Co. is bringing the Budweiser Clydesdales to Greeley for the first time in 30 years on Friday. Eight Clydesdales will hitch up starting at 4:45 p.m. in the parking lot of The Tribune, 501 8th Ave. The giant horses will ride to Lincoln Park for a Greeley Stampede proclamation ceremony and then back to The Tribune parking lot during the 5-7 p.m. event. The route the horses will ride goes south on 8th Avenue, west on 7th Street, southeast through Lincoln Park, north on 9th Avenue and east on 6th Street.

The Camera Day is great fun for the kids as you can watch them being harnessed and then get up close and personal for a pet.


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