Condolences to an Equine Friend Findlay

After posting the article on rabies I was saddened to hear of a beloved equine who was lost due to rabies. Our deepest thoughts are with you and your family. For those who have not vaccinated for rabies please consider discussing this with your veterinarian.

I am reposting this from Sarah Reidy:

Dear R.M.F.C. Members ,
This weekend brought the saddest news , one of our fellow members, avid participant in all of the the quadrilles Shari MacCallum  lost her trusted Fjord friend Finlay tragically to rabies. Finlay was  only seven years old , a beautiful horse, beautiful mover with a ton of bravado and cuteness.

A rabies outbreak has been on the rise in Larimer County, and is moving rapidly both west and south. None of us really knew the real danger until now .

Shari wants to tell all of us how important this vaccination is, she does not want anyone to go through what she had to endure. Vaccinations are only good for one year, a horses immune system is weak and the vaccination needs to be done annually. Shari will now have to take precaution for her own health and get the vaccination herself, this is no small task,  it is a series of shots over many weeks.

Shari and Finlay were a lovely pair, and Finlay will be sadly missed.
Our condolences Shari.
  Sarah Reidy


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