Vedauwoo: It’s always an adventure!

Top of Pole Mountain

Top of Pole Mountain

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to catch another camp trip to one of my favorite places. I joined a group of fun gals some new some old acquaintances. Even though my allergies were raging (sage and ragweed this time of year in the area) I had enough antihistamines and a mask to help me out. I arrived Friday late morning and pulled into the campsite, unloaded and joined the group heading South past the Beaver Dam. It was a nice pace and all the riders and horses were doing great for a larger group, including the ponied horse. We crossed through a barbed wire fence gate and headed on towards the lovely rock formations to the South and some open meadows that in late September usually are popular as hunting camps. After a short pit stop lunch we all headed towards a water crossing that had a fairly easy access but a slight uphill rise on the exit side. One horse was not quite happy about this crossing. The rider dismounted and tried to lead him across—nope not interested. So another rider suggested ponying him. Hmmm…. I was a bit wary of this! Well sure enough the horse resisted, she had to release the rope hold and off he went. First running close by in a large circle, then a larger circle, then and even larger circle, and then well off he goes back from whence we came disappearing down the trail.

The owner on foot, and a rider started tracking as the rest of the group waited for about ten minutes. After a group discussion we decided to split the six mounted riders in two and go in different directions back towards camp. I for one have had to hunt down two horses at Vedauwoo, and know the fence lines fairly well, even though it is a very distressing feeling I can assure you that you will eventually find that naughty boy or girl. We spent about and hour and twenty minutes tracking him and just before the skies opening up with hail, lightning and rain we caught the little stinker (he was just fine) less a bridle) we pulled out our spare halter and lead rope, called Rose and hunkering down under a group of aspens waiting out the storm, laughing, crying, sighing and all agreeing it was an interesting and fun adventure. After the storm passed we headed back to camp to relax, do a few shots and cook up some dinner fun.

The next day we were lucky enough to have two local friends join us for another adventure exploring a different area of the landscape. We climbed up through aspens and pines into marshes, past beaver dams with some challenging terrain here and there. Long two-track canters and gallops through meadows brought smiles and laughter to all, then back to camp before the storm for another fun camp dinner and fire. Thanks Patty for bringing those psychedelic fire tubes, brought back some memories of my teen year trips—hello Timothy Leary! Soon the hunters arrive (elk I think). If I can’t fit another trip in this September I will just have to sadly wait till late Spring 2015 to get back up to one of my favorite places!

Things we were glad we had on this back-country ride:
Rain gear, Easy boot, extra halter and lead rope, cell service and Kleenex..I could not stop sneezing!


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