A job well done on the Sage trail

I was looking for a way to give back to the community after the flood. This volunteer opportunity, organized by the City of Boulder Open Space and the United Way, was perfect! On Thursday, October 3rd I worked alongside 14 other volunteers of all ages, and four City of Boulder Open Space employees. Volunteers met at Boulder Valley Ranch at 9 AM and worked until 12 PM. It was a very well organized trail restoration project. All the necessary equipment was provided along with water and snacks (donated by Cliff Bar and Kind Bars) for the volunteers. We had a specific plan about the work that needed to be done, and an overall good feeling that all of us were involved in an activity that benefited the Boulder Community. We rotated jobs shoveling new trail material into eroded areas, moving soil filled wheel barrows, loading dirt into the back of pickup trucks, and spreading and tamping the soil to restore a portion of the Sage trail. We were all happy to be able to help, and finished the project knowing we had done a good job.
Thank you City of Boulder Open Space staff, you were so well organized and upbeat. It was a day well spent!
I’m looking forward to my next opportunity to work with this group, and help with the flood relief effort.
Smiles…Samantha M

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