Horses Forever: Equine Faire

Equine Faire
November 16 & 17, 2013
The Ranch (Larimer County Fairgrounds), Loveland, CO
Admission: Free

Horses Forever has put together opportunities to Pardner Up—participate in a trade show (remember Christmas is just ‘round the corner), bring horses for a discipline demonstration or breed display, observe training techniques, listen to qualified speakers on emergency preparedness, estate planning (with animals), equine first aide, farrier work, all aspects of carriage driving, drought survival and many other important subjects -most importantly, to network with the horse world around us—bringing local horse owners, and those that love horses, together.

Pardner Up is your opportunity to be an active participant through sponsorship, the trade show and/or equine events. Participation is paramount to the success of this event and we will strive to aggressively promote our participants. To promote the event we plan to:

  • Publish press releases until the event occurs in November
  • Do extensive advertising through posters and handouts to be passed around the equine community

Our goal is to promote the local horse industry, first and foremost. We’re planning to have local “experts”, local equine-related businesses and local equine participants. If you have any suggestions or special requests please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have time to include those things that our “local” horse community wishes to have included.  We want this to be your event with your participation to support your horse community.

All aspects of this event will be covered and available, in printable format, at
Questions maybe addressed by Email, or by calling 303-651-3070.

Horses are the life-blood of a very significant portion of our community. Recently, Coloradoans and their animals, companion and livestock alike, have gone through some very trying times.  We are hoping that this event, and those to follow, will help both humans and animals build a bond for ongoing survival.

The Board of Directors,
Horses Forever

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