Barn Emergencies in Boulder County

Boulder County Animal Control (BCAC), under the direction of the Boulder County Sheriff, services and protects all unincorporated areas of Boulder County. We want you to be prepared in case of an emergency or disaster situation. That is why BCAC is collecting information on your barn with the Boulder County Animal Control Barn Information Form (download here BoulderCountyBarnInfo). This information will not be disseminated to the general public, and will be used in emergency situations to notify the barn manager or primary contact of the impending situation and the options available to them.

Do you have a plan for emergencies at your barn?
When a disaster occurs there may be a need to evacuate your animals to a safer location. Do you have a safe place to take them? Perhaps you have an agreement with another facility or a friend with property who can temporarily house and care for your animals. If you have a contingency plan in place before an emergency occurs than you can ensure the safety of your animals. BCAC utilizes the Boulder County Fairgrounds to house animals in disaster situations, but room and resources can be limited.

Things to consider?

  1. Do you have horse trailers on site for transporting? Do you have enough trailer room for all of the animals? Can all of the horses be haltered and loaded into a trailer safely?
  2. Do you have registration, brand inspection papers, photos, medical records, medications and a first aid kit ready to go?
  3. If you need to shelter in place, do you have enough food, water and supplies on the property to sustain 72 hours on your own?

A great resource for information is CSU Cooperative Extension at There you will find Wildfire Preparedness for Horse Owners.

Who to call in Boulder County

Boulder County Sheriff’s Office
– Cruelty, Abuse, Neglect
– Lost/Found Animals
– Dogs Harassing wildlife/livestock
– Livestock at Large
Animal Control Dispatch: (303) 441-4444

Boulder Office of Emergency Management
– Disaster Planning
– Community Emergency Response Team Training
Ph: (303) 441-3390

Colorado Horse Rescue
– Horse Adoption or Surrendering a Horse
– Classes/Clinics and Resources
Ph: (720) 494-1414

Colorado Department of Agriculture
– Inspect livestock and verify ownership
– Investigate lost or stolen livestock

Main Brand Office: (303) 294-0895

Boulder County Brand Inspector
– Record and administer livestock brands
Leonard Conter
Ph: 720-296-4044

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