Fellow horse lover needs a helping hand

Hi Everyone,
I am needing some short-term help (6-8 weeks) in the form of a place to park my truck camper (need to plug in to electricity (I’ll pay for electricity use), use of a bathroom & kitchen sink) and a safe place to board  2 horses, an old mare & a young gelding ( I will do the care & supply the feed). I have 2 well-behaved dogs who are always supervised & always leashed.

I am undergoing treatment for cancer. I have had to pay for all expenses relative to my treatment & am determined to keep my horses. I know each of you will understand when I say, who wants to survive cancer if you have to give up your horses?

Surgery will take place mid January. I will need help caring for the horses only during my recovery from surgery. After I am recovered, I plan to re-locate to South Dakota.

If you may be able to help, please email me at powersruth00@gmail.com and I will fill you in on the details.

Ruth Powers

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