Proposed revisions to Voice and Sight Tag Program to go before Boulder City Council

If you own a dog in the City of Boulder, or ride with your dog please find the following information on the City of Boulder OSMP Voice and Sight Tag Program.
For upcoming meeting please visit the link below.

Public Meetings and Key Dates
March 5, 2014 – Boulder City Council Meeting. First reading and consideration of an ordinance amending the Boulder Revised Code 1981 regarding the Voice and Sight Tag Program.


In an effort to continue effective communication with individuals interested in Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) management actions, we want to inform you that the Boulder City Council will soon consider recommendations to update the Voice and Sight Tag Program. In 2011, the Boulder City Council requested that staff look at the Voice and Sight Tag Program and suggest changes to improve compliance with the program.

On March 5, an ordinance modifying the city code to enable the program updates will be presented to the Boulder City Council. As an initial introduction of the ordinance, this item is expected to be placed on the council’s “consent agenda” which means there isn’t a public hearing for the item. A public hearing on the proposed changes will likely happen at a second meeting tentatively planned for April 1.

The proposed changes were developed by OSMP staff and Open Space Board of Trustees after considering hundreds of community comments and substantial input from the Boulder City Council. The recommended changes include a range of new education and outreach initiatives that do not require modifying the city code. The ordinance being considered deals with the following changes that do require amending the city code:

  1. Program application prerequisites
    • Attendance at an information  session; and
    • Verification of City of Boulder dog license or rabies vaccination.
  2. Revised fees and annual program renewal requirement.
  3. Revised fines.
  4. Violations that will lead to suspension of privileges.
  5. Reinstatement process for suspended privileges.

For more information on the proposed changes to the Voice and Sight Program, please visit OSMP’s website. The information presented to council will be available the Friday before the meeting on the City’s website.

Thank you,
Steve Armstead
OSMP Environmental Planner and Project Lead


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