Ranch Sorting Jackpot April 13 (same day as the BCHA Horse Fair!)

Wow! The Easy Riders 4-H Club will be holding a Team Ranch Sorting in the Fairgrounds Arena the same day as the BCHA Horse Fair. Come and enjoy the BCHA Horse Fair in Barn A, and stop in the Fairgrounds Arena for a fun-filled day of Team Sorting. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a very beginner you will have a great time. There will be multiple classes and ages divisions, plus a 50 percent jackpot.
When: April 13, 2014: 9:00 am.
Where: Boulder County Fairgrounds, Indoor Arena
Information or to register: contact Jodi Zeier at 303-828-5122
Cost: $10 Office Fee (per person, one time fee)
$50 per team per sort

Download Registration Form
Sponsored by the Half-Arabian and Amateur Association of Colorado and Easy Riders 4H Club

2 thoughts on “Ranch Sorting Jackpot April 13 (same day as the BCHA Horse Fair!)

  1. Nice job on promoting out their event! I spoke with Jodi Zeier about promoting our event in return and she told me she is just not savvy about doing that sort of thing.

    Any ideas about how to approach this and get something out of them. I’m sure they’d LIKE to help; they are just even more short-handed than we are. Perhaps we could get at least a list-serv from her??

    What do you think?



  2. Nice shared advertising, Linda. They will appreciate this! J.

    Jill E. Talbot JET Arabian Ranch 858 Marshall Road Boulder, CO 80305 ranch: 303/545-5737 cell: 303/818-7254


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