Edens Aspens Horsemanship Clinic: April 25-27

Two and one-half day Horsemanship Clinic
Dates: April 25-27, Friday: 2pm-5pm, Saturday: 9am-4pm and Sunday: 9am-3pm
Cost: $300 per rider ($10 to audit)
Location: Edens Aspens, 15102 N 83rd St, Longmont, CO 80503
Phone: 970-590-7052

Event Description:
Please join us for this  2 1/2 day clinic of learning how to find ease and enjoyment in your partnership with your horse. Friday afternoon you will gain understanding on the ground and learn how to read your horses body language. Saturday we will touch base on the previous day’s teachings and take that into working over obstacles to build trust. From here, we will transition to the saddle. Sunday will again touch base on previous days, and delve deeper into riding. You will learn how to be relaxed in the saddle and go with your horse rather than against. Start communicating with your body and less through the reins and bit. Build your confidence by then riding through the obstacle course.

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