Lion’s Gulch Trail Work Needs Help This Weekend

The Lion’s Gulch trail was significantly damaged from last year’s floods and restoration work has already begun. One bridge has been dismantled and will be hauled up the trail within the next few days. A request went in last week for the USFS Region 2 Pack String to provide mules to pack in the 6×6 pressure treated timbers to the bridge site.

Unexpectedly, this evening we learned that the Pack String will be coming up this week, with work starting on Friday morning and continuing through Saturday and Sunday.

We will need at least 6 volunteers at the trail-head and at least another 6 volunteers at the new bridge site which is about 1/2 mile up the trail. Help is needed at the trail head for weighing and handling the timbers. And help is needed with loading the mules and at the other end unloading and stacking the timbers. We hope to make about 6 trips a day.

Volunteers should be comfortable working around stock. Each board weighs about 70 lbs and we will be lifting them about chest high. But there will be some time to rest once the string heads down the trail.

If interested in helping, please contact Fred Allen –970-218-7979

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