It was a beautiful day at the membership ride

Spear, Patti and Spear's mom, Mary Cook

Spear, Patti and Spear’s mom, Mary Cook

It turned out to be a lovely day at the BCHA Membership and Volunteer Appreciation Ride on May 18th, at the Beech Pavilion. Riders arrived, we tacked up, then rode South to the Boulder Valley Ranch Open Space. We joined up with two riders who were riding out on the trail from Good Reception Barn in Erie. They had never heard about our Association and stopped in for a cool drink before heading back to their barn.


Larry Langer enjoying the day.

The complimentary lunch was delicious with a selection of sandwiches, fruit, chips, brownies and macaroons, and cool drinks. After lunch a dear friend Patricia Logan presented a wonderful and informative hands-on equine massage. The lucky horse, Spear, owned by Mary Cook, happily volunteered. Patricia’s presentation gave us take-home techniques we could use on our own equine friends.

Thank you Patti for volunteering your time, and all those who came out to be appreciated, we all so enjoyed visiting with you—I know Spear did!

Linda P
BCHA Board Member

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