Indigo Earth: Equine Herbalism & Holistic Healthcare

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Indigo Earth provides holistic wellness guidance. Kalli offers a holistic approach to healing, analyzing the big picture of your state of well-being, and harnessing nature’s medicine to stimulate and aid your horse’s body and mind’s own ability to heal. I utilize tools such as herbs, essential oils, flower essences, lifestyle, etc. on your horse’s journey to health. Using a Vitalist perspective, health can be achieved by providing the body the physical, emotional, and spiritual support that it needs to thrive. Phytotherapy (herbal medicine), aromatherapy, flower essence therapy, appropriate nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, energy therapy, meditation, and many other tools can be utilized to help the body heal itself.

Certified Medical Western Herbalist
NAHA Certified Aromatherapist
Certified Reiki Practitioner
C-2 H/B Rated USPC Alumni (National Horse Management Skills Assessment)

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