Brand Paperwork and Hauling in Colorado

Thought you all would find this of interest…

An important reminder to carry your brand papers with you whenever you haul your horse(s), or have the papers with you in a friends trailer.

Just last week I was stopped on the Red Feather Lakes Road by a brand inspector. I was just a half mile from my house. His name was Lyle Horn and very nice and informative. I had the permanent brand paper for my horse, but my neighbor who had just finished a ride with me and whose horse was in my trailer,  did not have them with her—her brand papers were at her house in a file. Lyle said he is flexible and followed us to her house so she could produce her papers.

I asked questions about consequences: So if you do not have the papers, you get a ticket which means a mandatory court appearance, plus a fine between $200 and $1,000. I asked who decides the amount of the fine, he said the judge, and if a person brings the correct papers to court the judge will probably just charge you the court costs plus $130. Yikes.

He said the regular brand costs $18 and is good for hauling 75 miles from your horse’s home. A permanent brand costs $39 and is good anywhere in Colorado. Lyle said the costs are going up in January— probably doubling. So if you are considering getting a permanent brand—do it before then. He also said they are going to be more active in the future (i.e. stopping more people hauling stock).

NCBCH – Northern Colorado Back Country Horsemen

Additional information can be found on this .pdf from the State of Colorado State Board of Stock Inspection Comissioners HorseBrandLaw, or

For more information on the Division of Brand Inspection, visit

To contact the Boulder area brand inspector Colby Stone call 720 296-4044.
A permanent card for the life of your ownership of the horse is currently $43.00.

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