I also grow weary!

I wanted to share the Joder Family Statement with you concerning the family ranch that was purchased by Open Space.

I too grow weary, as Linda Andes-George stated in today’s Daily Camera Guest Opinion, and in my opinion feel that the management of the property, including agreements on what trails go where, to be done in the context of our Trails Study Area (TSA) process.

If at all possible, I would like to see the TSA process done a bit quicker then previously stated, so we all may enjoy this beautiful new addition to our Open Space lands, this includes bears, bobcats, birds and then of course all us other users.

Below is the Joder Family Statement:

First, we need to say at the outset that we, the four Joder family members, are much like a microcosm of the Boulder community — we each have different outdoor activities we enjoy, we have somewhat different ideas about land use in general, and we also have slightly differing opinions on what should eventually be done with the city’s new acquisition. Therefore, the following points are somewhat general and may be slightly contradictory.

When we sold the property, we knowingly put our trust into the Open Space process for determining land use and we believe that, once the process is completed and all voices are heard, the right balance will have been struck.

Here are the main points upon which we have come together:

1) Whatever the use, we feel strongly that the impact on the biodiversity of the land be respected as much as possible. At one time or another, for example, we have seen on our ranch deer, elk, turkey, bobcat, coyote, mountain lion (once, with cubs!), golden eagle, and even bear. Care must be given within the plan so that both humans and wildlife can co-exist with minimal impact to one another.

2) Hiking, mountain biking, general outdoor appreciation — and especially equine activities — have always been part of the Joder family and Joder Ranch tradition and we would like to see those activities continue on this new Open Space property, but with careful consideration to the first point.

3) We understand that one of the principle reasons for the purchase of this property was as a trail link for hikers, horses, runners, and cyclists transiting from Boulder to Heil Ranch and beyond. We support that objective but, again, with proper due diligence in balancing the needs of user groups with the needs of the native wildlife.

4) We are happy that our former ranch is now in the public domain and will eventually be enjoyed by many generations to come. It is our belief that a balance can be struck between all the various human users and the wild critters if everyone works together. To that end, we feel that the city of Boulder OSMP should complete an appropriate planning process, with the required public input, to avoid potential long-term negative impact to the land.

Thank you,
The Joder family

Voice your opinion. Please send your comments to me on this blog, or attend the meeting tonight, January 14th at 6PM.

Linda P



3 thoughts on “I also grow weary!

  1. In response it is not simply a matter of plants and animals (habitat) that have thrived with past use, it is about future use and the impact of “all” users that will now be using the property in the future. The use is the past was from a private ranch with a few boarders. The future use is thousands of cyclist, hikers and dogs that will descend on the property once it is open for public use. You have to look at the “total sum” not just from one user perspective in planning the trail system on the North TSA and this property.


    • “Private ranch with a few boarders” is fundamentally incorrect. It was indeed owned privately, but it was unusually open to the public the entire time, with “thousands” of people taking lessons, riding in horse shows, participating in educational clinics many of which involved the trail system, and hosting BCHA events on the property. There were almost 75 boarders, almost all of whom rode the trails up there, many on a daily basis. Those trails were built by equestrians, for equestrians, and they are sustainable for horse use. Most are also sustainable for pedestrians and they should be reopened immediately for pedestrian and equestrian use. The one trail across the north will be built to mountain bike standards but will also be open to horses and hikers.

      Now is the time to keep the pressure on to ensure that a reasonable trail system on the Joder Ranch be reopened in the very near future, with sustainable connections both to the north (Buckingham and Heil) and to the south (West Beech, Foothills, and Boulder Valley Ranch).


  2. Well, I also am weary after having spent more than 30 years of fighting phantoms and fighting fears…. phantoms, and fears, of environmental Armageddon if a single trail, or two (gasp!), are allowed in a landscape that has supported hundreds of horses and the people who ride them. Joder Arabian Ranch is equestrian habitat, and the plants and animals that are out there now have thrived with intense equestrian activity for more than a hundred years. There is not one scintilla of data to show that equestrians have any adverse impact on any ecosystem in Boulder County, and demanding that this matter be studied to death is yet another ruse to keep our public lands closed to the public.

    It’s all well and good to trumpet the “manisfesto” that has been presented as being the will of the family, but it’s equally important — and intellectually honest — to also trumpet the fact that 23 years ago several parcels of the Joder property were sold BY THE JODERS to Open Space with clear, and written, and explicit agreement that they were to be used for trails and trailhead parking — and a commitment on the part of the buyers to do so — yet for the past 23 years that commitment has been ignored. When the last remaining parcel was sold, OSMP closed it summarily, with no public process, to everyone.

    People who trail ride, and people who respect the Joder heritage, should sit up and pay attention here. Help us get the Joder Arabian Ranch reopened as soon as possible for equestrian trails.


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