Bobcat Ridge: A lovely place to ride

Now that Spring has sprung I have made it my goal to explore more trails outside of Boulder County. I have to say Larimer County Open Space is doing a much better job then Boulder County with their trailheads and trails that are horse-friendly. Not only do they provide adequate parking for horse trailers, but some locations have water spigots (wow), along with very nice mounting areas and even a ramp for handicapped riders.

This past Sunday we joined some Larimer County friends and rode Bobcat Ridge, about 45 minutes to 1 hour from the Boulder area. This trailhead is located just North of Highway 34, look for the sign that says Masonville and make a right. The trail head is about 5 miles further down a lovely rural, paved road. Note: they have a wildlife web cam on line too!

There are lots of loops on this system, very nice footing, bathrooms (one even midway down the trail), a spring on one of the loops, and beautiful views with red rock cliffs.

I hope you can make it part of your 2015 plan to visit more then Boulder has to offer this year. Visit our neighbors Larimer and Jefferson County Open Spaces and tell Boulder County what you think!

Linda P

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