Wednesday May 6th: North TSA Community Workshop

If you missed the first one then please try attending on May 6th. Meet with Open Space and Mountain Parks and to let planners know how you might like to see this area developed to include horse use. Below is an aerial image of the total North TSA area.

North TSA Plan

Open Space and Mountain Parks is developing a community vision for Boulder’s open space north of Linden Avenue and the Diagonal Highway. The North Trail Study Area (TSA) Plan seeks to improve visitor experiences and increase the sustainability of trails and trailheads while conserving the area’s natural, cultural and agricultural resources.

Community-driven outcomes may include:

  • Strategies to provide high-quality visitor experiences for a diversity of recreational opportunities.
  • Visitor infrastructure enhancements, such as trail connections, and trail and trailhead improvements.
  • Actions that sustain trails and surrounding landscapes, such as projects to reduce trail erosion, the re-routing of trails around wildlife habitats, the removal of redundant paths and the restoration of disturbed areas.
  • Protection of sensitive ecological areas and the restoration of disturbed areas.

Community Workshop

OSMP and the Open Space Board of Trustees invite the public to attend community workshops in early May to kick off the development of the North TSA Plan. The community workshops, which will help OSMP collect community knowledge for the plan area, will be held at the following times and locations:

6 to 8:30 p.m.
Wednesday, May 6,th
Municipal Services Center (City Yards), 5050 Pearl St.

Community members need only attend one workshop since both will cover the same information. The community may also provide input through Inspire Boulder, the city’s 24-hour digital town hall.


Linda P

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