Share Your Story: One Wild Ride #3

I love these gals! Maddy, Emma and Maggie are three incredibly talented young women, working hard, working together, and sharing their story with our BCHA community. Please let them know if you are enjoying following this One Wild Ride with them by commenting on these posts!

Hello BCHA Community Members!

Along with our first article, we have successfully completed our second video, Episode 2: One Wild Ride. Due to winter storms and cold weather the three of us have been cautious with driving out to see our horses. This makes every moment we have with them precious. With Christmas looming over us, and finally, the end of the semester already upon us, we can’t help but feel relieved that our hardest classes for Junior year are completed.

Come next semester, all three of us will have to be able to succeed in passing all our classes, as well as working diligently with the horses. Maggie will be taking on the project of training a wild mustang in just over a three months while finishing her junior year. Maddy will be continuing her journey with her untrained mustang, Paisley, and Emma and Drifter will be continuing to work together, and begin to showcase their skills and abilities in the St. Vrain Roundup Club.

Video Link Episode 2: One Wild Ride

Enjoy the Ride, Emma



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