Mustang Update

I had the opportunity to meet with Emma and Maggie in Longmont on Sunday. If I had kids these girls would be what I hope they would have been. As part of an agreement with New Vista High School (school credit) and the Share Your Story: Mustang Project we will be meeting once about every two weeks.

We sat and talked about the yearling mustang they will be working with from Canon City, the scope of the experience, trucks, trailering, the Stock Show Parade and how they worked on desensitizing their horses at the Boulder County Fairgrounds prior to the parade in downtown Denver, their lives right now, and the future outline for the upcoming blog posts in this series.

I am so excited that the Boulder County Horse Association can share with our members and followers this amazing community youth experience. Please take a few minutes to send us your comments and let us know if you like the Share Your Story series.

  • Linda P

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