I Beg to Differ

I recently received an e-mail newsletter from the Boulder County Horse Association in support of trail development on the West side of Highway 36, the North TSA area up for discussion. Well I Beg to Differ and I think you should be informed of a different point of view.

I am of hiker, dog owner, and horse owner and yes I could be selfish and support this trail construction—I love trails. But actually I am very disappointed in three of our five Open Space Board of Trustees and their vote to move ahead with a plan to develop a trail on the highly-sensitive habitat on the West side of Highway 36. I am also disappointed in our Boulder County Horse Association’s Board as they support this trail construction.

What is the Mission of the Boulder County Board of Trustees?
The Open Space and Mountain Parks Department preserves and protects the natural environment and land resources that characterize Boulder. We foster appreciation and use that sustain the natural values of the land for current and future generations.

This area contains several key drainages that are extremely important to wildlife. I think that three of our five Open Space Board of Trustees are moving ahead too fast in approving this area for development and are not acting true to the oath they took. The impact of a trail on the West side will be detrimental to the hillside and the wildlife that use it.

What will be the visual future as you come into our city from the North? It will become a bike highway smack in the middle of this now beautiful hillside—a negative impact in my opinion. The outcome will be a highway of bikes moving at high speed along this corridor— and this will affect these important wildlife corridors and habitat. We need to preserve our lands not continue to cave in to the pressure of an increasingly hungry and growing population of recreational users with no care for the future.

Cyclists and some other users cry for a better “user experience” and are supporting a trail on the west side for this and many other reasons. But I point out that a cyclist can not enjoy the view, their eyes must be focused forward not outward on a landscape or they will crash or ride off the cliff side.

I urge you to get informed of all the facts before supporting any trail development. Review the minutes and maps but stay true and protect the future of our “natural environment and land resources” first, before providing recreational access to an increasingly hungry and insatiable population of tunnel-visioned users.


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