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Welcome to the Sale Barn. Please support our members.
If you are a member of Boulder County Horse Association and would like to have something listed please send your photo and description along with your contact information and we will post it here in the BCHA Nicker Sale Barn. You can send it along by clicking here.

Certified Weed Free Hay for Sale  

My barn is full and I have about 4 stacks (640 bales, or 9 tons) under tarps.  Would be willing to make you a really good deal on the hay that doesn’t fit in the barn, depending on quantity desired!  Call Suzanne Webel for more information at 303-485-2162.

Indigo Earth: Equine Herbalism & Holistic Healthcare

Indigo Earth provides holistic wellness guidance. Kalli offers a holistic approach to healing, analyzing the big picture of your state of well-being, and harnessing nature’s medicine to stimulate and aid your horse’s body and mind’s own ability to heal. I utilize tools such as herbs, essential oils, flower essences, lifestyle, etc. on your horse’s journey to health. Using a Vitalist perspective, health can be achieved by providing the body the physical, emotional, and spiritual support that it needs to thrive. Phytotherapy (herbal medicine), aromatherapy, flower essence therapy, appropriate nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, energy therapy, meditation, and many other tools can be utilized to help the body heal itself.

Certified Medical Western Herbalist
NAHA Certified Aromatherapist
Certified Reiki Practitioner
C-2 H/B Rated USPC Alumni (National Horse Management Skills Assessment)

High-grade Douglas Fir Wood Shavings
These shavings are ideal for equestrian use. Large, 1.7 cubic yard bags available at $20 each. Free local delivery (Boulder County area). For information or to order, please call 720-407-7760.

Myler Comfort Snaffle Dee Ring Bit3K53Ia3Jf5G75Kf5F9d4tc1e5d0ce610b1d1d
Price: $55 (Boulder)

Bit Size: 5-inch
This Level 1 D ring bit is for horses beginning training. It utilizes mostly tongue pressure and collapse onto the bars. This bit has a free-rotating barrel and a curved mouthpiece that will never pinch. Independent side movement allows the rider to isolate one side of the bit for bending, balancing or lifting a shoulder. Copper inlaid mouthpiece to encourage salivation.
Call Linda at 303-579-4840

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