Full Moon Ride in Vedauwoo

It was a friends big 60th and we decided to head to one of my favorite riding places just over the border in Wyoming, Vedauwoo. Known to the DSCN2516Arapaho Indians as “Land of the Earthborn Spirit, it is a place that moves me. Rock formations, wildflowers, antelope, an occasional moose and usually wild weather make this primitive camping experience forever a place of wonder for me. This special weekend marked a milestone for my friend Jane, and just happened to also be when the closest and largest full moon of the year would present itself in 2013 (the next closest occurance will be in August, 2014).

My BFF Jane is one of my most fun friends. She has ridden and completed the Tevis Endurance Race twice or maybe three times, I have stopped counting. After a full days ride we rested up, sat around sharing stories and opening birthday presents, while enjoying our camp dinner. The evening sky darkened and the moon rose in the east, then Jane blurted out, “let’s go for a ride a full moon ride”! Well I for one had never rode at night and was a bit hesitant and honestly nervous, but  she assured me and the other two riders thinking about going that the horses would be just fine! What the heck, I thought to myself, I only live once and  Doc Murray was in camp. We even had a veterinarian joining the night ride who was afraid of the dark (go figure) and a first timer like myself, so the four of us saddled up and off we went into the night magic of Vedauwoo!

It was still and dark as we left camp, the night sky had clouded over, so we strapped headlamps on our helmets just in case and trotted off. Within minutes the sky cleared and the magic began. One black as night horse (Kay), two bays (Crystal and Jane) and my grey headed south towards the outline of the Vedauwoo rocks. We stayed on the open roads, the horses floated along in the moonlight transporting us to another planet. I thought to myself, are we really on Earth?

Jane was right, I have never experienced such a calmness and oneness with my horse. As we arrived in camp all was silent as everyone had turned in for the night. I climbed into my gooseneck, looked out onto the moonlit landscape and reflected on how thankful I was to all the Earthborn Spirits I am lucky enough to have as friends.

So if the opportunity presents itself to you, hesitate not, the magic of a moonlit ride is one you will never forget!
Let the adventure continue….

Linda P

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