Volunteer at the National Western Stock Show!

Last January I finally did something I have been intending to do for years—I signed up to volunteer at the National Western Stock Show (NWSS). It was a lot of hours but more fun than I thought it would be. I met a lot of people who have been attending the Stock Show as long as I have (41 years and counting)!

Oh there are all sorts of things to do!

Helping people around the NWSS is a reward in and of itself, but also consider some of the great perks like dinners and awards for volunteer hours. You also get to wander the NWSS for free and get tickets to two ticketed events! Work as much or as little as you want, volunteer options include manning the information booths, taking tickets, helping at the horse shows, or learn photography by volunteering with the photography group.

After the NWSS the fun continues. Volunteers are asked to help at other events held throughout the year on the NWSS grounds. This past year I helped at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, the first Denver Jazz Festival and ran the gate at some of the many other horse shows that are held on the NWSS grounds.

Sound like fun?

Come to an orientation meeting to see if you might find it an enjoyable way to give back to a great show that I am sure most of us have attended at least once. Visit: http://www.nationalwestern.com/volunteer/

Want to talk about it some more?

Reply to the comments and I will be glad to try to answer any questions.

Diana Thompson,
BCHA Board Member

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