Here’s an easy way to raise funds for trails!

Just this morning I was sitting with my out-of-state- visitors having coffee, and they asked me about some trails in the Boulder area where they might hike or bike (I refer to it for horse trails also). I thought for a second and went to my map collection. Pulling out the Boulder Area Trails Coalition (BATCO) map we sat and discussed some options. “Wow”, they said, “this is a great map!”

Ideal Market/Whole Foods has a special promotion for BATCO. The offer runs now through  December 15, 2014. Here’s the offer: Bring your own grocery bag to Ideal Market and we’ll donate 10 cents per bag to BATCO.

Please shop at Ideal Market/Whole Foods, and ask them to allocate the bag money to trails!
For more information about BATCO, and/or purchase the BATCO trail map please visit, or purchase the map on the BCHA Shop page.

Happy trails…Linda P

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