Unbranded at The Dairy

Starting Wednesday, October 28, the new documentary “Unbranded” will be playing a run at The Boedecker Theater. It’s an adventure story with a purpose, and at select screenings we will have a Q&A with Michelle Sander of the Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary. Many of the screenings are coming close to selling out, so get your tickets in advance. Here’s the link for tickets and to see the trailer: CLICK HERE.

“Ain’t nothing we can’t do and damn little we won’t try,” was the motto during the Unbranded ride, an unprecedented journey reminiscent of the American Frontier. Ben Masters, a young Texas horseman, set out to inspire adoptions for 50,000 wild horses and burros living in government captivity. He gathered three friends and hatched an outrageous plot to adopt, train and ride wild mustangs 3,000 miles from the Mexican border to Canada through the American West’s wildest terrain. The trip is an epic journey of self-discovery, challenged friendships, and iconic landscapes that includes runaway horses, a sassy donkey, perilous mountain passes, rodeo rides, sickness, injury, and death.
See you at the Bo!
Linda P

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