Baby it’s cold outside, but we’re riding anyway!

Yes it’s winter, yes it’s cold but we’re riding anyway. Some easier trail systems in Boulder County are great to ride this time of year. The girls got together a few weeks ago and did a Chili ride on the Niwot Loop trail system. We met at the open space lot on 83rd off Niwot Road. There is room for a few trailers here and it also has a covered picnic area. This ride was organized by my friend Peg who lives in this area. We rode a great loop that is more an “urban” ride. There are areas that are open to trotting out and cantering on nicely surfaced trails. After our ride Peg drove over to her house and picked up a crock pot of hot chili and all the fixins! It was a fun day for all including the ponies. Thanks Peg for putting this one together.

The next month my friends Ann and Russell organized a ride out at Teller Farms, we all met at the Valmont lot and rode north to the Heatherwood area (by the way you can connect to the Niwot Loop trail from here) then rode back to her house, turned the ponies out for some R & R and had a lovely homemade potato leek soup (I was instantly transported to France) on the back patio. Ann and Russell that was a great day…thank you!

These food rides are really a fun way to explore the trails in the area and enjoy some great food!

Let’s plan more of these this year, Linda P


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